Miharayasuhiro’s Paint Splashes (Another Magazine)

ART MADE FROM MAPS are works by Matthew Cusick. I love both maps and collage and these work beautifully. It is interesting to look at these as a way to achieve gradation in print. 


'… is a Munich-born, Berlin-based artist who works with generative systems, physical representations of data and visualizations of digital processes. In order words, Fischer is a cunning analyst who makes things that make art. Many of his abstract art pieces are created using software which visualise various bits of data according to a set of rules. It is absolutely incredible that Fisher manages to make bits of data look and feel so natural.'

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Bohemian styles inspired by the late artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Hyper real florals and tropical all-over prints have emerged as a key trend for SS 2012, having taken inspiration from Basquiat’s bold use of contrasting colour and geometric shapes.

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Below are a few collages I put together today in trying to evoke some of the colours, shapes and overall mood of the collection. 

(Images from DANSK and OYSTER magazines)

MOOD : Christopher Shannon

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somewhere in the youth

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